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Hi-Vis Softshell Jacket


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44942513 / Hi-Vis Softshell Jacket

A lightweight softshell jacket which, thanks to its material, is extremely soft, comfortable, and flexible. The jacket is two-colour with contrasting colours in exposed areas for optimal visibility and safety when needed most. Therefore, it can withstand dirt very well, and that it provides optimum visibility and safety when it is needed most. This certified Hi-Vis jacket has both the light, stretchy feel and the strength that a work garment should have. Additionally, its fabric is waterproof, the hood is removable if necessary. 4494 is a sibling garment to the popular model 4491 and is ideally suited for those who don’t need class 2 and can work with class 1. Certified according to EN ISO 20471 class 1. Co-certification group D.