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Anti-Flame Trousers


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    C146, C148, C150, C152, C154, C156, C158, C44, C46, C48, C50, C52, C54, C56, C58, C60, C62, C64, D100, D104, D108, D112, D116, D120, D124, D128, D88, D92, D96.

17241516 / Anti-Flame Trousers

Flame resistant trousers that are oil, dirt and water-repellent. These durable trousers have practical and helpful pockets with lids and also outer knee pad pockets. Tested for industrial washing. Certified according to EN 14404, EN 1149-5, EN ISO 11611, EN 13034, EN ISO 11612, IEC 61482-2. ATPV: 16,0 cal/cm².